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Shade Structures
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Since 1947, Americana Building Products has manufactured quality products that shade from the sun and protect from the weather. Americana's metal and fabric awnings and covers reduce cooling costs by as much as 26% by adding shade to hot, sunny windows and doors. Block direct sunlight and reduce heat gain by up to 77%!Creating a comfortable and pleasing outdoor environment is what Americana Building Products do best with their product line of metal park shelters, recreational shelters, walkways, and entryways. Their shade structures have an anti-graffiti powder coated finish and roof panels contain an Ultra Cool Coating that reflects the heat.

Fabric shelters by Americana are made of a polyethylene fabric that reduces temperature up to 15 degrees and blocks 90% of the UVR sun rays. Americana's Apache Shelters are pre-fabricated, with an anti-graffiti powder coated tubular steel frame. The Navajo Shelter by Americana features Structural, interlocking roof panels offer superior strength and fewer supports. Great for sun shelters in parks.
Fresh air and exercise are essential to the healthy development of young children. In order for children to safely enjoy the outdoors, they must avoid overexposure to the sun. That's why Sunguard provides playground shade. Sunguard Shades provide effective shade over the heart of any playground - small or large.Apollo Sunguard Shade Structures are your number one choice for protection from harmful UV solar radiation. They also provide a cool and pleasant place to work or play. These shade structures are as versatile as your imagination. Engineered to create over 600 standard unit options, there is a shape and size to suit your application. For special architectural needs, Sunguard's design & manufacturing facility can create a custom shade solution. Call The Playground Guys at 1-800-663-6711 for details.

The breathable fabric in a Sunguard structure provides shade that is up to 20 degrees cooler underneath. This keeps sun from heating play surfaces that can often become hot enough to burn tender skin. Apollo Sunguard's Play in the Shade products are ideal for playground equipment, sandboxes, play areas … anywhere shade is needed to protect children. Sunguard shade structures allow children to have lots of outdoor fun and healthful exercise, whether at a school, park, or daycares and preschools.
Finding the perfect playground doesn't have to be hard work. Playworld makes it easy by offering a wide range of pre-designed playstructures. The Playmakers® series can be customized to meet your needs. Playworld Systems creates innovative commercial playground equipment that brings the joy of play to people of every age. We do this because, quite simply, we believe that The World Needs Play®.The Playground Guys are proud of our association with Playworld Systems® and our ability to provide the most innovative, fun and highest quality recreation equipment in the industry. If your site lacks the natural shade of trees, add Playworld shade structures and/or roofs to keep visitors comfortable and protected from overexposure.

Playworld's CityScapes® Carnival Roof is a sturdy, colourful, large-hole perforated-steel shade maker. The unique design of Playworld's LolliTop™ Roofs provides shade and visual interest. Mix and match sizes and colours for a fun new look. The PlayExpress® Sandbox Car by Playworld encourages interactive play while the perforated-steel roof provides shade.
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