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Playground Equipment
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Finding the perfect playground doesn't have to be hard work. Playworld makes it easy by offering a wide range of pre-designed playstructures. The Playground Guys are the exclusive distributor for Playworld Systems in Alberta and British Columbia. Pictured is the Raymond Alberta Elementary School playground. Playworld Systems creates innovative commercial playground equipment that brings the joy of play to people of every age. We do this because, quite simply, we believe that The World Needs Play®.The Playground Guys are proud of our association with Playworld Systems® and our ability to provide the most innovative, fun and highest quality recreation equipment in the industry. Together with Playworld Systems®, we believe that "The world needs play". We have the products, expertise and superior service to fulfill that need. Product lines include PlayDesigns, LifeTrail, & NatureForms.

The FirstPlay™ Infant Fun Center caters to crawlers and walkers alike, offering bright colours and distinct textures to awaken and entertain the baby explorer. A ball track, mirror, critter matching panel and counting/color matching activity safely teaches infants. Give older, active adults the freedom of revitalizing fitness with LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System, the outdoor workout designed to make it easier for users to perform daily tasks and enjoy a better quality of life. Boasting the look and feel of real rock, our NEW Climbing Boulders challenge kids of all ages to conquer new heights. Patented PolyFiberCrete® creates a durable, non-slip climbing surface. Angles, crevices and routes promote strength, coordination and problem solving.
The Spacecraft Series from GS Web is the 21st Century Merry-Go-Round. The special bearing system controls the rotation speed so children can enjoy the same exhilarating experience we remember from when we were younger. Manufacturers of Net Climbers, Net Jumpers, Igloo Net, Rainbow Swing, and Spacecraft.GS Web is the brand name for the net-type children's rides manufactured by Shin Heung Eng Co. They have adapted their expert technology on cable-supported pedestrian bridges, and produced fun and exciting children's rides that are safe. Their products are designed by using the concept of the web shape made by a spider and the elasticity of nylon-coated wire ropes. With the geometrical structure and elasticity contained in a spider's web, it attracts many children and allows them to play in a safe and creative way. Now exclusive in Canada through The Playground Guys!

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