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Children need models rather than deep-think. Our Spider Town Net has caught some insects, but as you get closer, you realize that the insects are children hanging from the massive Spider Net!The Playground Guys are proud of our association with KidsTale® and our ability to provide the most innovative, fun and highest quality playground equipment in the industry.

Their unique play structures and commitment to service and quality has made KidsTale the industry leader in play value.

With our 35 years in the industry, we have been privy to many different playground manufacturers and are very proud to be part of the KidsTale family. Our abiltiy to craft the perfect playground for you, ensuring all safety guidelines are followed, is the basis for our success.

Children are the very heart of our business. Our playgrounds allow for social interaction, exploration, and exercise. They create a sense of community for our little ones.

Along with KidsTale, The Sweetman Group has a desire to be the ONLY playground equipment provider worthy of being called "a true partner".

Check out our current catalogue, then call us Toll Free at 1-800-663-6711 (Local: 403-556-7300).

Product Lines include:

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  • Minimo™ - A smaller area shouldn't limit imagination. The Minimo Series is the best choice for exceeding play needs in smaller spaces, especially for the 2 - 5 year age group. It maximizes physical development with an infusion of interactive and age appropriate play components.

  • Treehouse™ - Our Treehouse Series is where old meets new. Where wilderness meets urban. When our 5" post system meets polyresin which allows us to create life like trees, logs, stumps, etc. Let your imagination run wild from within your own treehouse!

  • Natural Landscape - Our Natural Landscape Series combines the adventure and exploration of nature with the durability, safety, and low maintenance of high-quality play equipment. It's a natural fit when planning outdoor play spaces at your municipal park, day care centre, apartment complex, or school.

  • Nexus - The Nexus Series is a unique way to blend outdoor play with physical development. Designed to offer creative circuit play for many years.



Natural Landscape


  • Maximo™ - Our Maximo Series is our 5" post system that offers the most creative components we can offer. Large decks, tube slides, clear crawl spaces, and the most imaginative play activities in the playground market today, all set the stage for imagination at play. You can add elements to create a larger, longer play area, or use slides and monkey bars if space is at a premium.

  • Inclusive Play - The Sweetman Group strongly advocates the need for equipment to be inclusive and fully accessible for everyone regardless of age, gender or ability.

  • ThemePlay™ - The ThemePlay Series combines our creativity with an unparaelled approach to dramatic play. Our Pirate Ship and Kids Castle units ensure active dramatic play is only limited by the imagination of your children.

  • KidZone Playhouse - The KidZone Playhouse series is a 4" square post system that starts with an aluminum core that is wrapped with recycled poly. Using high density poly panels in solid colour or double colour, we can create custom and unique looking playgrounds. If you can dream it, we can build it.


Inclusive Play


KidZone Playhouse

  • Childcenter™ - Our ChildCenter Series is the premier line in the industry for budget conscious units in predetermined configurations. We include an assortment of play types in each model. Some of our models provide accessibility for children with disabilities. This series is available for quick shipment and is the perfect solution for completing a quality playground fast.

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  • Toddler Town™ - Toddler Town is designed with the needs of our children during the early childhood development stage of their lives. Creative designs and bright colours capture their young imaginations. Designed with developmentally appropriate play activities that help build social, cognitive, and gross motor skills.

  • Freestanding Play - Looking to add components to an already existing playground? Talk to us about adding swings, spring riders, seesaws, spinners, even boulder climbers, rock wall climbers, freestanding tunnels, and geo domes.

  • And more - Talk to us about individual components, site amenities, warranties, and even the variety of colour schemes we offer.


Toddler Town™

Freestanding Play


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The Playground Guys post many pictures of our playgrounds on our Facebook page. The Playground Guys is a Proudly Canadian company.